Sunnyvale Chiropractor – Cold Laser Therapy

A technologically advanced chiropractic care treatment method used to relieve pain for a variety of conditions, cold laser therapy techniques have been progressively refined over decades and shown to be highly effective for relieving acute and chronic pain, inflammation, tissue repair and improved nerve function caused by joint pain, tendon and muscle strains and tissue injuries. The licensed Sunnyvale chiropractors at Mission Chiropractic offer advanced cold laser therapy techniques that address soft tissue damage and promotes healing without drugs or surgical procedures.

How Does Cold Laser Therapy Work?

Cold laser therapy used in chiropractic care involves the careful application of controlled light wavelengths to penetrate damaged tissue. Precise and beneficial photochemical reactions occur when infrared laser radiation is applied to injured tissue activating the body’s natural healing mechanisms. By inducing a recuperative response in the cell structure of wounded tissue, laser light that is applied deep into the tissue will actually stimulate the proper function of nerves, decrease the chance of scar tissue and inhibit the deterioration of what are called motor neurons. In plain and simple terms, this biochemical process that is induced by a laser light wave, increases the healthy and natural tissue growth in affected areas.

Chiropractic Care Using Cold Laser Therapy

During your initial appointment at our Sunnyvale clinic, Mission Chiropractic chiropractors will conduct a complete evaluation to determine if cold laser therapy is right for you. Treatment has been proven to be particularly effective for direct tissue injury in addition to the success of cold laser therapy techniques used to relieve acute and chronic pain associated with a range of conditions. Treatment time may last anywhere from 15 minutes to an up to an hour depending on your particular condition with many patients reporting significant pain relief and improvement after only a few sessions. Used successfully to replenish tissue wounds, reduce swelling and increase the proper blood flow essential to healing, Mission Chiropractic cold laser therapy treatments conducted at our fully equipped Sunnyvale chiropractic clinic are safe, painless and have no side effects.

Safe and Effective

A non-thermal, non-toxic, soundless procedure; cold laser therapy patients report little or no discomfort during treatment that is carefully customized within a comprehensive personalized chiropractic care plan. The Sunnyvale chiropractors at Mission Chiropractic are also available to coordinate therapy programs with any other health care providers you may have to ensure chronic pain relief, restore mobility caused by muscle and joint problems and encourage overall wellness and an improved quality of life.

Cold Laser Therapy for a Wide Range of Conditions

Cold laser therapy addresses injury and tissue damage at the cellular level to treat the actual underlying problem rather than masking symptoms with pain medications or invasive surgical procedures. Specific conditions that have been shown to respond positively to laser treatment include: arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, a range of musculoskeletal problems, various sports injuries, some degenerative conditions and even certain skin conditions have been relieved with cold laser therapy treatments conducted at our Sunnyvale clinic.