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Pinched nerves, also known as trapped or compressed nerves, can be debilitatingly painful. They happen when tissue (skin, muscle, cartilage or bone) applies significant pressure to a nerve. The result is that the nerve is constantly sending signals to the brain that something is wrong.

The majority of cases are not severe and will go away on their own with rest, ice, pain medication and stretching. However, there is a point where the pain becomes too much or the problem isn’t going away. That is when the people of Santa Clara turn to Mission Chiropractic.

Mission Chiropractic has years of experience helping people take back their lives from the constant battle with pinched nerves.

Symptoms of a Pinched Nerve

Of course, before seeing a health professional, you may want more information on your condition. Though many pinched nerves are felt in the back, neck or sciatic region, any nerve is susceptible to this issue. Here is a brief description of signs that you have a trapped nerve:

Tingling and Numbness: When a nerve first starts to be pinched it often starts with a tingling sensation that may lead to numbness. In the beginning, it will happen occasionally but as time goes on it can become frequent or persistent.

Pain: It is not uncommon for the nerve to get worse and become painful. The pain is said to be sharp or electric and can affect the area or run up and down the length of the nerve. There are also reports of a burning sensation in the area.

Muscle Weakness: When the problem becomes severe, muscle weakness will occur. This is because the nerve cannot send the appropriate signals to the muscles and it cannot work as it should. If left unchecked, the muscle will begin to atrophy (lose strength and size) which can cause other complications.

How Can a Chiropractor Help with a Pinched Nerve?

Chiropractic care can help those in Santa Clara with pinched nerves by not only dealing with the symptoms but by getting to the root cause.

Chiropractors don’t only work on the spine but on all the muscles and bones of the body. Pinched nerves often occur from pressure from the spine as it is the central housing for the nervous system. A professional will first check the alignment of your spine and the back muscles to make sure that the “foundation” of the body is not causing pressure to form elsewhere. Then they will move on to the area in question and manipulate the area to relieve pressure and tension.

The added benefit that comes from re-aligning the body is that it removes blockages and increases blood flow. This in turn allows more nutrients to get to the nerve and speed up the healing process.

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