San Jose Chiropractic Care for Hip Pain

Since we rely on the health of our hips for virtually every movement from walking and bending, to kicking and stretching, ensuring that the hips are functioning properly and free of aches and pains is essential to a good quality of life. When hip pain and hip problems occur due to wear and tear or because of an accident or injury, Mission Chiropractic chiropractors in San Jose can develop tailored chiropractic care programs that include a full range of treatment options including exercise therapy and muscle strengthening in combination with manual adjustments that provide long-lasting relief from hip pain problems.

Diagnosing Hip Pain

Hip problems are often experienced as pain in surrounding areas and may initially be experienced as soreness and discomfort originating from the thigh, groin, buttocks or lower back. When the precise source of your hip pain is difficult to determine, Mission Chiropractic chiropractors are available to perform specific diagnostic tests that isolate the source of hip pain and its actual underlying causes.

Arthritis-Related Hip Pain

The most common cause of wear and tear on the hips is the inflammatory joint disease known as osteoarthritis (fairly common in middle aged adults) which causes stiffness, swelling and cartilage loss when left untreated. Rheumatoid arthritis, another inflammatory condition causing joint pain is also an underlying cause of acute and chronic hip pain. Studies have revealed that 80% of arthritic patients respond favorably to chiropractic care and that hip pain symptoms were significantly reduced following treatment from a licensed chiropractor.

Hip Pain Associated with Sciatica

Pressure or injury to the sciatic nerve that runs from the pelvic region down through the thigh and to the feet causing inflammation is frequently the cause of acute pain in the hip. Damage to the sciatic nerve may also derive from spinal degeneration, bulging and herniated discs that create hip and lower back pain that extends to the legs and feet. Mission Chiropractic provides chiropractic care for hip pain caused by sciatica using therapeutic methods to strengthen weak joints in combination with other therapy that may serve as a viable alternative to surgery.

Hip Problems Due to Overuse

The hip area of physically active individuals such as athletes and professional dancers is regularly subjected to an excessive amount of force resulting in wear and tear that eventually causes inflammation of the muscles tendons, ligaments and chronic pain that may intensify over time. Mission Chiropractic offers rehabilitative therapies to athletes and other professionals who experience ongoing strain to the hip and surrounding areas.

Trauma and Injury to the Hip

Chiropractic adjustments for hip pain targets the joints as an effective method for restoring joint mobility, muscle relaxation and provide relief for surrounding ligaments that help to reduce or eliminate lower back and hip pain. Our San Jose chiropractic care experts diagnose and design a complete treatment plan to realign your spine and pelvis to improve mobility.

Whether due to aging or injury, fractures and hip dislocations are immediately identified and treatment options may vary. Mission Chiropractic chiropractors work in conjunction with other health professionals to design a complete chiropractic care plan that facilitates recovery from hip pain and hip trauma.